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Christ is the Reason for This School

About Us

About Us

     We all participate in learning every day of our lives. The learning we do as children is the foundation for all the rest. At St. John Catholic School, we have created an environment for learning that allows us to teach our students in a very special way.

     One important part of our environment is our faculty. They are strong, experienced teachers who excel at bringing out the best from every student. They provide enrichment for the gifted, diversified instruction to meet individual needs, and they are examples of moral leadership for all.

     Another facet of our environment is our parent community. Our students benefit from the time and talent of our families. Parents are active participants in their children's education. Some help in the classrooms, and others lead us in finding the funds to provide educational tools and facilities. We all work together to help our students achieve.

     The cornerstone that brings this environment together is our Catholic faith. For more than sixty years, St. John Catholic School has been providing students with superior academic programs and a Christian education based on Catholic teachings, traditions, and practices. Our goal is to prepare students for life in today's Church and for leadership in both society and the Church of tomorrow. We welcome God into our classrooms, and we honor Him with our efforts. Because of this, our students are taught moral and ethical behavior at every moment of the day.

     The fruit of our labors are children who are strengthened in spirit, mind and body. They are leaders for the future who are grounded in faith. By creating educational excellence in an environment of spiritual strength, St. John Catholic School is truly a place where faith and knowledge meet.

Welcome to our school - come be a part of our family!